Our Partners

The Forum compliments the work undertaken by other organisations and ensures that work is not duplicated. For example, the Forum works with ITS (UK), who focus on the exchange of technology knowledge and ensure that there is a joined-up approach at a technical and tactical level. The Forum complements that by facilitating a more collaborative approach to innovation and the adoption of new technology, helping reduce risk and drive cost efficiencies.

The Forum works with the Transport Systems Catapult on the IM-PACT initiative, providing in-depth knowledge and technical expertise on the technology that supports the operation and management of transport networks.

Additionally, the Forum has a close working relationship with the Institution of Engineering and Technology, supporting their work in informing the wider engineering community and influencing government and standards to advance society.

The Forum has also forged close working relationships with a wide range of other key stakeholders, drawn from national and local road network operators, system integrators, automotive manufacturers, government departments and academia, and adjacent sectors including telecoms and digital technology. All currently work together for mutual benefit on a pro bono basis. These include;